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2023 Features List

09 December 2022: Booking Tools / TechnologyDeadline for copy and pictures: 21 November 2022

Booking tools have become an integral part of the hospitality industry – how have they been developing? What benefits do they bring to businesses? Are there any downsides to booking tools – the cost to businesses and the level of customer data they share with their clients? What could booking tools look like in the future? Case studies and comment required

06 January 2023: Asian Fusion Food & DrinkDeadline for copy and pictures: 25 November 2022

From sushi burritos to ramen carbonara or chai bubble tea, innovative chefs are playing with the classic flavours from around the world. What are the hot trends in Asian fusion that will wow your diners, and how do you get your offer bang-bang on the money?

13 January 2023: Cleaning and HygieneDeadline for copy and pictures: 02 December 2022

The cleanliness and hygiene of a catering operation has two important aspects – that you are clean, and that you are seen to be clean, because an operator’s reputation depends upon it. How can suppliers help and support?

20 January 2023: Vegan/VeganuaryDeadline for copy and pictures: 09 December 2022

Veganuary's mission to encourage people to test out a vegan diet for a month has grown steadily from an initial 3,000 participants in 2014 to a record 629,000 in 2022. What will caterers and food suppliers be doing to tap into this promotion and whet consumers' appetites for plant-based eating during the January campaign?

What are the current hero and trending ingredients, meals, cuisines and new offerings?

Are there any differences in demand for vegan food between the generations, and between full-time vegans and part-time meat-reducing flexitarians that operators need to consider when catering for this sector?

27 January 2023: Valentines Food & DrinkDeadline for copy and pictures: 16 December 2022

How much love will there for hospitality this February, as worried consumers juggle post-Christmas bills? For operators looking to attract customers after the January lull, Valentine’s Day will be the first big out-of-home opportunity of 2023. Ideas from romantic dishes to passionate cocktails to make Valentine’s Day an appealing and profitable occasion, including new products and recipes.

03 February 2023: Hot beverage trendsDeadline for copy and pictures: 23 December 2022

The hot drinks sector remains crucial to profit, and it doesn’t stand still! What will customers be looking for this year – and how will the industry provide it? We look at what’s brewing.

10 February 2023: Fish and chipsDeadline for copy and pictures: 30 December 2022

British diners’ relentless desire for new flavours can be hard on old classics such as fish and chips. How does this most iconic of British dishes stay relevant in an era of endless consumer choice, when sustainability and the rise of vegan diners makes it increasingly tricky to thrive? We’ll talk to the top operators, and find out what the best products are to ensure fish and chips stay on the British menu for years to come

17 February 2023: Barbecue food and equipmentDeadline for copy and pictures: 06 January 2023

BBQs may be the ultimate fun meal, but that doesn’t mean that the operator can kick back and relax. How do you make sure your BBQ offer sets your tills alight? What are the latest trends and new products and equipment set to hit the BBQ scene this summer?

10 March 2023: SeafoodDeadline for copy and pictures: 27 January 2023

The shifting sands of public knowledge give with one hand and take with the other when it comes to seafood: the oceans are emptying, and that seafood can be exceptionally healthy. Both are true - to an extent - which is why new ideas and operators continue to invigorate the seafood scene. We’ll take a look at the best ideas, new and old, and the most impressive operators.

17 March 2023: Patisserie and chocolateDeadline for copy and pictures: 03 February 2023

Sweet treats are a go-to pick-me-up for many when times get tough and the ever-evolving world of patisserie and chocolate is perfectly positioned to hit the comfort zone.

We will be looking at what suppliers and caterers are serving up to satisfy this appetite for indulgence - and how they can balance it with the trend towards healthy eating, sustainability and diverging dietary requirements.

Which nostalgic old faithfuls, classics with a twist, new and hybrid offerings and inspirations from world cuisine are trending and which ingredients and exciting new flavours and textures are adding eye and taste appeal to help operators upsell these bite-sized soothers?

24 March 2023: Stocks and saucesDeadline for copy and pictures: 10 February 2023

Stocks and sauces are the chef’s best friend, adding value and transforming dishes, taking menus to the next level. With a rise in demand for special diet and healthier options across menus, how do you make sure that you have everything covered with your stocks and sauces?

31 March 2023: Pub TrendsDeadline for copy and pictures: 17 February 2023

As operators deal with rising costs and economic headwinds, is the role that pubs play in communities undermined by the continued decline in pub numbers? How are the best operators attracting customers and growing sales? What are the most appealing menu styles and irresistible drinks, and the key trends in food, drink and entertainment that pubs need to stay on top of’?

07 April 2023: Condiments, herbs & spicesDeadline for copy and pictures: 24 February 2023

The recent trend in condiments, herbs and spices has been for more heat and intensity: is that set to continue? With the British high street as open as ever to new ideas, it’s possible - but the cost of living crisis could send customers scurrying back to the cosy familiarity of old favourites. We’ll find out what’s going on, and highlight the best products and operators in the UK.

14 April 2023: Meat & PoultryDeadline for copy and pictures: 03 March 2023

After a few years in which bigger has been better - from burgers to American-style BBQ - is delicacy ready to make a comeback in the world of meat and poultry? Are influences from across the Channel and around the world set to take centre stage? We’ll assess who’s making waves and which products are wowing customers up and down the country.

21 April 2023: Plant-based food and drinkDeadline for copy and pictures: 03 March 2023

The UK is the second largest market for plant-based food and drink in Europe (after Germany) and is a hotbed for new launches that avoid meat, dairy and animal-derived ingredients. What are the latest offerings and innovations in meat- and dairy-free dining from suppliers and caterers that are tempting the UK's vegetarians, vegans and flexitarians? Which are the booming and upcoming sectors and are there still gaps in the market looking to be filled?

28 April 2023: RefrigerationDeadline for copy and pictures: 17 March 2023

The refrigeration sector has recently been impressive in coming up with new ideas: more efficient cooling, more energy savings, more noise reduction, and some clever ergonomic designs. We invite the suppliers to explain these newest ideas.

05 May 2023: WarewashingDeadline for copy and pictures: 24 March 2023

Energy efficiency and reducing water usage are top talking points in the hospitality industry. Warewashing is where the operators walk the talk and make sure that their kitchen is economically and environmentally watertight. So, what are the latest pieces of equipment to help the restaurant wash up efficiently?

12 May 2023: Functional and Healthy DrinksDeadline for copy and pictures: 31 March 2023

Consumers increasingly expect to be offered healthier choices out-of-home, while more operators are adding revenue streams such as breakfast, on-the-go and delivery. This increases the opportunity to include functional and healthy drinks as part of the product mix in a broader range of business. What are the key consumer occasions and times of day for functional and healthy drinks, and which drinks drive sales? Includes the latest functional and healthy drinks product launches and trends

19 May 2023: LaundryDeadline for copy and pictures: 07 April 2023

Immaculately laundered fabrics in bedrooms, bathrooms and restaurants remain a key plank to the hospitality experience but how can caterers continue to meet and exceed high consumer expectations as energy and other costs continue to spiral?

Has the cost of living crisis changed the perceived benefits of outsourcing laundry to professionals or doing it on-site?

What features on modern commercial washing and drying appliances can help operators achieve spotless hygiene without breaking the bank or costing the earth?

What innovations in appliance technology and laundry chemicals are improving wash and dry performance and efficiency, safeguarding the lifespan of machines and fabrics, and streamlining the process for operators and laundry service providers?

26 May 2023: Breakfast FoodDeadline for copy and pictures: 14 April 2023

With competition in the sector intense, operators need to be on top of trends on their breakfast menus. What are the latest must-have recipes and new foodie ideas that will excite your customers? Where do traditional options such as the Full English fit in? And how do you get your marketing and presentation right?

02 June 2023: Waste managementDeadline for copy and pictures: 21 April 2023

As the requirements for waste in the catering sector get more complex, and indeed, more expensive, so do the number of specialist waste services increase. We look at what practical help they can give to steer operators through the minefield of waste disposal.

09 June 2023: In-room essentials: beds, linen, toiletries, and mini barDeadline for copy and pictures: 28 April 2023

We take a look at what hotel operators need to do to get everything right in the hotel room, from choice of bed linen to the toiletries in the bathroom and the best options for the mini-bar. How do you make sure that everything is clean and fit to be seen, and ensure glowing reviews from guests?

16 June 2023: Hot beverages: coffeeDeadline for copy and pictures: 05 May 2023

The art of espresso, the crucial basis of the most profitable coffees, is still not understood by many operators. The trade’s suppliers offer their most helpful ways to help operators get it right.

23 June 2023: Prime cookingDeadline for copy and pictures: 12 May 2023

Prime cooking equipment - such as convection ovens, hobs, grills and salamanders, griddles, steamers, and bratt pans - have long been the centre-piece workhorses in traditional commercial kitchens. This feature will look at how these kitchen essentials have harnessed new technology to improve performance, efficiency, ease-of-use and cleaning and how they are adapting to meet changing demand and cuisine styles and the challenge posed by the new generation of rapid-cook and multifunctional appliances.

30 June 2023: Drinks Guide supplementDeadline for copy and pictures: 12 May 2023

Driven by the latest data and trends analysis, The Caterer Drinks Guide 2023 offers an in-depth examination of the key drinks sectors in the out-of-home market, including beer, cider, wine, spirits & cocktails, soft drinks & mixers, low and no brands, hot drinks, and water.

21 July 2023: Rapid Cook and multi-functional equipmentDeadline for copy and pictures: 09 June 2023

The ‘accelerated’ and ‘high speed’ sectors have developed thoroughly. Equipment which was maybe devised for high street grab-and-go sites, with some cooking times down to mere seconds, has turned out to have applications in more serious kitchens, as chefs develop their own tricks for using new technology. We look at the newest ideas.

28 July 2023: DessertsDeadline for copy and pictures: 16 June 2023

Dietary trends are playing out in the desserts sector, with options such as vegan banoffee pie or gluten free chocolate cake in the mainstream. How do you make sure you’ve got all the must-haves on offer in dietary-friendly, Instagram-ready style? And how do you convince the customer that they can afford to treat themselves to that freakshake or mini-melting chocolate fondant, even in belt-tightening times?

11 August 2023: Breakfast beveragesDeadline for copy and pictures: 30 June 2023

Getting your drinks offer right is vital in the breakfast day-part, whether it is coffee, tea, a wake-me-up shot, or a liquid meal on-the-go. So how do you get your offer spot on and your promotions pinpointed, to bring in that high-margin breakfast business.

25 August 2023: Fat, Oil & Grease ManagementDeadline for copy and pictures: 14 July 2023

Oils and greases can be guaranteed to get everywhere you don’t want them to in a commercial kitchen – and the legal requirements to dispose of such waste properly come with some fairly hefty punishments. We look at the practical ways of disposing of such things.

22 September 2023: Halloween: menu ideasDeadline for copy and pictures: 11 August 2023

Spooking season has become a massive opportunity for foodservice operators to roll out added-value seasonal specials. So what creepy concoctions are going to be coming out of the ether this year? And how do you get your marketing and presentation right?

20 October 2023: DairyDeadline for copy and pictures: 08 September 2023

Cheese, milk, butter and yoghurt are the go-to ingredient in so many recipes, from pizza to cappuccino. And whether sheep, goat or dairy milk-based, the UK dairy scene has no shortage of interesting regional cheeses for a cheese board. So how do you capitalise on nutritious dairy ingredients on menus, and where do dairy-free options fit in?

03 November 2023: Grab and GoDeadline for copy and pictures: 22 September 2023

Once, ‘grab-and-go’ was understood to simply mean a low-quality service for workers on the run, centred on corner stores and rail stations. When it was realised that all kinds of professional people are on the move, convenience food developed to include items of high quality, at a profitable selling price – so much so that certain top hotels were very quick to see an opportunity for themselves. We look at the latest opportunities.

24 November 2023: Hot Beverages: equipmentDeadline for copy and pictures: 13 October 2023

The sheer scale of equipment now available to the serious coffee operator is impressive – it is now possible to brew filter and bulk-brew coffee to a very high standard indeed, hot chocolate brewers have become sophisticated, and the development of what used to be called ‘water boilers’ have taken the sector to an unprecedented level. We look at the new ideas.

01 December 2023: Hot Beverages: TeaDeadline for copy and pictures: 20 October 2023

Every tea supplier preaches that the catering sector must not take tea for granted, and that customers are more sophisticated and choosy in their choice of teas and infusions than the industry gives them credit for. We look at the profitable presentation of interesting teas.

08 December 2023: Low and No Alcohol DrinksDeadline for copy and pictures: 27 October 2023

Initially driven by beer, the low and no drinks sector has broadened to include direct alternatives to cider, spirits and wine. However, while the low and no market continues to grow, it still represents a relatively small percentage of drinks sales. With a wide choice of low and no brands, how should operators approach stocking and range planning decisions? What are the key consumer occasions for low and no alcohol drinks? Includes the latest product launches and trends.

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