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Host founder Jeremy Russell Brand was also the man behind Russell & Brand between 1988 and 1996. During R&B's eight year lifecycle it was nationally awarded as the second fastest growing private company in the UK in 1994/95, eventually being sold to US based Marriott as their initial entrance into the UK contract catering market.

Jerry is one of the most successful independent caterers in the history of the industry. He has an unrelenting commitment to customer service in all aspects of the day to day activities of the catering service offered to clients. He has a core belief in continuous improvement as a management philosophy for decentralised industries such as the contract catering sector where 95% of the business is carried out on the client's premises. He says there is always room for improvement,those at the sharp end know best how things can be improved, and teams work better than individuals.

Jerry has founded Host with the same business principles of R&B; i.offer clients a fair deal by following a code of business ethics,
ii. develop a good one:one relationship with both client and employee, and iii. allow staff and management sufficient empowerment to make their team based statement through the quality and innovation of services they offer our customers.

Our mission statement targets us to make Host the favourite contract caterer in the UK by constantly ‘challenging the recipe…’ in everything we do.

Our corporate objectives are:

To deliver fresh food, innovation and community support
To empower our people
To be profitable
To achieve our first three objectives with high quality support to Health, Safety and the Environment


FOOD NATION; our core food service brand operating in 75% of our current business, based on two main brand values – fresh food with an 80% target on the counter at any service time and community choice with each site being treated as a unique group and the customer base being consulted over the style of food to be offered to their local community.

FAB; with the values of ‘fresh, appetising and balanced’, FAB is the company's premium ‘upsell’ offer. From bean to cup coffee, innovative chef’s specials and exotic deli items, the FAB range of restaurant specials and grab and go food helps us to maximise our customer spend and enjoyment of the facilities offered.

CITY DINING: Our tailored service for the City; director’s dining, partner’s hospitality and conference facilities all have their individual refreshment and food service needs.

The common denominator is the quality of raw materials and the innovative food styles to suit modern, executive dining. But the real trick is to also support a healthy lifestyle without having to resort to boring and bland food. For this exclusive service, we prepare only the freshest ingredients as well as sourcing locally and in many instances direct from the farm or grower.

HARRY HEART; Harry represents our day to day healthy food options based on our Ten Commandments which we use to train our production staff so that  they maximise the healthiest methods of preparing food items. We work on the basis that we highlight the healthier food available so that our customers can choose their foods as they wish in the knowledge that the ‘Harry’ highlighted items have been produced with our healthy eating values in mind.

FUNTASTIC FOOD; Our modern ‘Funtastic Food Gang’; Kit, Kat, Mat, Nat and Jet, take our younger Prep school age pupils through a journey to learn the rudiments of healthy eating through weekly ‘Funtastic Focus’ sheets which also coordinate with the menus and food commodities (meat, fish, poultry, fruit & vegetables, dairy products, etc…). Ideal for schools where they embrace the concept into their curriculum and project work whilst the children eat good, healthy food.

CATERNET; our in-house MIS has become one of the industry’s BIG new ideas as it provides real time information to clients and interactive support for customers with service concepts such as ‘e-comment’, ’e-vent’, ‘Q-cam’ and the ‘e-deli’.

MATRIX; embedded within Caternet, the Matrix holds our centrally updated quality management system and knowledge of how to operate within Host, as well as instant marketing flyer support.

Revolving brands; ideal for large numbers when a client is operating a food court, we then have the opportunity to provide our exclusive FoodFair™ concept of revolving brands which provides a regularly changing menu offer to maximise customer uptake and spend per head. The offer styles are illustrated below and we would be happy to show you more of the exciting FoodFair concept upon request.

Chief Executive:

Jerry Brand

Key People:

Commercial Director: Douglas Wood
Finance Director: Ann-Marie Houghton


“Host is an independent caterer with significant investment into a new contract catering model that mixes fresh food with net pricing and e-business to benchmark prices and control overheads as the company grows.

The company is now going through a major expansion in the period 2005 to 2010, whereupon the target is a flotation.”

Source: company statement, May 2005

Operating Data:

Number of contracts: 83
Number of staff: more than 603

Turnover for the year to 31 August:
2004: £42,000
2005: £3.5m
2006: £12m
2007: £15.7m


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