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Chief Executive:

Key People:

Regional Chairman/CEO, Corporate Services Neil Murray
Chief Finance Officer Lynn Mawdsley
Brand & Communications Director Phil Hooper
Managing Director, Service Operations Sean Haley
HR Director Andy Rogers
CEO, Defence & Government Departments  Andrew Leach
CEO, Schools Jane Bristow  
CEO, Healthcare Simon Scrivens 
CEO, Sports & Leisure Chris Bray  
CEO, Justice Services Janine McDowell
CEO, Energy & Resources Lindsay Tocher 
CEO, Benefits & Rewards Services Iain McMath


Operating Data:

Sodexo's business is divided between on-site (96%) and benefits and rewards (4%) services. It also offers personal and home services.

The group is active in the corporate, education, health care, remote sites, seniors, defense, sports and leisure and justice services markets.  Key services include catering, front of house, gym and health, security, cleaning, grounds maintenance, technical services and waste management.

Sodexo UK and Ireland employs more than 37,000 staff across 2,300 locations.
Facilities management accounts for 57% of revenue.
UK and Ireland accounts for 10% of total group revenue

Sodexo group employs more than more than 420,000 employees across 32,000-plus sites in 80 countries, making it the world's 19th largest employer. The group serves 75 million consumers each day

By revenue, its biggest markets are North America (41%) and Europe (31%), with the rest of world representing 18% of group sales.

Financial Snapshot:

Full-year results to 31 August 2015

Sodexo group
€19.8b (2014: €18b)
Operating profit €1.1b (2014: €966m)
Net income €700 (2014: €490m)

Sodexo UK and Ireland (on-site services)
€1.8b (2014: €1.48b)
Operating profit €94m (2014: €66m)

Half-year results to 28 February 2015

Sodexo group
€9.9b (2014: €9.28)
Operating profit €620m (2014: €529m)

Sodexo UK and Ireland (on-site services)
€821m  (2014: €707m )
Operating profit €36m  (2014: €31m )


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