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Lexington Catering is division of French-owned contract caterer Elior, one of the four big players in the UK market. It operates in the B&I sector in London and the south east of England.

London-based Lexington was established in 2002 by a quartet of former employees at Elior’s business and industry division, Avenance - Mike Sunley and Claire Prowse (who raised the £100,000 start-up funds) along with Rachel Lindner and Katharine Campbell. In 2005 they were joined by Avenance’s group executive chef Rob Kirby.

The fledgling group started out with a focus on food and people - fresh, local produce; a bright, young, dressed-down bistro-style service in which menus were left to the local chef; and an ambition to appear in the Sunday Times Best 100 Small Companies to Work For list (which it achieved in 2009).

Armed only with a licensing deal with Starbucks, Lexington swiftly scooped its first contract with T-Mobile (an Avenance client), initially to cater at the telecom giant’s emerging new headquarters in Hatfield. By March 2003, Lexington had taken on the whole T-Mobile contract from Avenance in a choice deal feeding more than 6,000 staff across its six UK sites.

Lexington encountered its first major setback in May 2005 when it lost the T-Mobile deal to Charlton House, a loss that halved its annual turnover and left it with 10 contracts. Prowse decided to bow out at this point to open a deli in York and sold her 45% stake in the business to Tim West (the man who had built up Avenance since Elior made its UK debut with the 1992 purchase of High Table). West joined Lexington as chief executive in early 2006.

The company recovered quickly from this blow and had an annual turnover of £33.2m when it rejoined the Elior fold in October 2014.


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